Family Washroom - How to Design an excellent Restroom

About to fit a completely new family bathroom but don't know how you're planning to get the most from the place? Don't fear! Devote some time finding out how you use the place before making any purchase. There are various things you should bear in mind. The amount of men and women will be sharing the restroom? Are you very likely to have guests in the foreseeable future? When you come to sell off the home is your bathroom going to add or remove value from your home? With the number of critical factors to take into consideration it is important that you really spend time planning for a brand new family restroom.


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Picking out the fixtures in your restroom is the most vital choice you'll have to make. Naturally a toilet, basin and bath or shower are essential. Nevertheless, even these requirements require some consideration. For example, the lack of a bathtub can lessen the resale value of your home as it is harder to put a bath when compared to a shower. Moreover, a bath is required for families with kids. A shower fitting can always be added to a bath tub so those short of cash or room should consider fitting a bathtub instead of a shower enclosure. All family bathrooms should make space for a shower somewhere, even when it is above the bath tub. A shower is vital for speed, particularly for those with large families or who may have regular visitors.



The restroom basin is likely to be a busy location in the morning. Make an attempt to find the largest basin possible to allow for multiple people to utilize it at any given time. The basin should have somewhere on its surround to put restroom essentials like toothbrushes and should be fitted near a mirror.


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A large vanity mirror is essential for a family washroom. The mirror should be well lit together with suitable task lighting around the mirror. Remember that you might want a more ambient, relaxing light in the rest of the area so some clever lighting or a dimmer switch can accomplish both effects.


Mainly because a lot of folks will be sharing this space, it will be inevitable that the bathroom will become filled with toiletries. Plan ahead and fit built-in storage space so that you simply can de-clutter your bathroom. Restroom storage space is actually becoming a lot more popular. Subtle cupboards and draws can tidy your bathrooms and hide pipework. Other practical storage includes shelves and soft towel rails. A large towel rail with plenty of room is actually great for tidying your bathroom and drying out towels speedily.



For those looking to go beyond the basics there are numerous features you can add to impress. Walk in baths, wet rooms, free-standing baths and designer accessories are all great ways to impress your friends and relatives and make your bath room a little bit distinctive. At last, a few well-considered visual features like pots, plants and pictures can make your bathroom interesting and unique for your needs.


A great family restroom is the result of meticulous planning and attention to details, not cash and space. If you make the best of the room you have available it will be easy to make a washroom all your family members will like.