Good Habits Support Excellent Results

Are you presently perhaps feeling that now's the time to improve your health and your life? Excellent habits are often crucial to achieving good results along with a good outcome.

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You might be looking to lose weight, become fitter, more successful, are motivated to do well at the office, or feel it's time for you to extend your circle of friends; all require sustained work to continue beyond the initial few enthusiastic times.
Let great habits support great results
- One thing to value about good habits is that they must have a real resonance for you. If you're not really especially troubled about being slimmer, fitter, or more successful, then that lack of enthusiasm won't sustain you through cold dark nights or on the tough days when your determination starts to waver. Having buddies or family who is pushing you to 'improve' only increases your stress levels, resentment, and perhaps even emotions of low self-esteem. Pick good habits that feel right for you.
- Tiny actions are a positive method to move towards your bigger goals. Stepping-stones can help to prevent you from feeling confused at having to handle everything all at once. Recognize each milestone you accomplish; allow yourself credit for enrolling in that class, not eating that cake, declining that alcoholic drink. Each decision takes you closer to those good results.
- Stay focused, but also appreciate that sometimes other options may appear which can add value to your life. Don't permit yourself to turn out to be too sidetracked from your decided great habits but equally be ready for excellent opportunities that may come together. Ring-fence enough time, money, or mental energy you use upon distractions. Allow yourself to make the most of them and revel in what they bring to your life, but don't let them get you away from the big picture and your ultimate goal.
- Being responsible to others can be an excellent motivator. Having to check in regularly and report on your progress ensures that you keep your eyes on each phase of the journey. Knowing that you have a regular date in the diary can quickly push temptations out of your thoughts.
- Becoming a member of a team and working together on shared goals can provide a good support network. Exchanging tips, advice and motivational stories can give a real boost to those tired, unenthusiastic times. And if we know our attendance is important to the group's success it can motivate us to continue going. Being a group member, even when it's online, can encourage us to stick with our great habits. The downside though is that if a couple of members lose their enthusiasm it can demotivate the rest. - Sometimes spending up front to join a team or gym forces individuals to move frequently, whilst others lose interest and go only a couple of times also after paying out all that money. For me, I've focused on the weekly shipping of locally grown organic vegetables. It's inspired me to eat at least one item from your box every day and it's great to cook from scratch, eat fresh organic meals, shop local and sometimes try new things that I've never cooked before. Having it show up every week means there's no excuse to slack off from consuming this healthy veg, and it's a habit I'm pleased to sustain.



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Be gentle with yourself. It can take 2-6 months for a new routine to become your automatic default. If you experience slip-ups, bad times, and 'can't be bothered's be kind to yourself and let them move. Remind yourself of all the great reasons you have to continue and start once again, knowing that by sticking with your good habits you'll ultimately support good results as well as benefits.