5 Expert Methods For Grilling In Immediate Heat

Grilling is a learning method. There are 2 primary types of grilling methods - cooking over immediate warmth and over indirect heat. As a beginner, it's easier to cook over direct heat, but the procedure is also different based on what type of grill you might have.


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It's simply putting your food on the grate and cooking food directly above the heat source. Here are some professional strategies for grilling indirect heating.

Produce a consistent warmth when using a charcoal grill

You would probably want consistently hot and even heat beneath your grates the entire time you're cooking. To achieve this, the trick is to arrange the hot coals in an even layer at the bottom of your grill. By doing this, your food will cook evenly no matter where you place them on the grill.

Make use of thin cuts of meat

With direct heat grilling, food tends to prepare more quickly. That's why it's best to prepare thin cuts of meat and small bits of veggies when using this technique. The temperature usually gets to 450-650F, and if you cook heavier cuts of meat with this process, it would typically lead to burning the outside with the inside not yet fully prepared.

Turn only once

To perfectly grill thin cuts of meats using the direct heat method, just treat it as sauteing meat on a pan inside your kitchen. Turn once and monitor your grill to avoid burning up aside.

Use high or medium heat only on gas grills

If you're utilizing a gas grill, be sure to turn on all the burners to achieve a uniform temperature under the whole cooking surface. The burners should be set no lower than medium heat (for thin cuts of meat).

High heat can be used for cuts 3/4-1 inch thick. It's best to put the hood down while cooking to ensure even doneness. Check the meals from time to time to prevent burning or overcooking.

Keep your food moist while on the grill

When using the actual immediate heat grilling technique, the temperatures are high which could dry up your food quickly. Spray meat with water and avoid using a fork to turn your meat - this will pierce into the flesh as well as allow juices to escape. Use tongs or a spatula to turn your meat which will help keep it moist throughout cooking food.


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Comply with these 5 professional tips for grilling indirect heat!