Excellent Leaders Are usually Continuous Learners

How do you begin your entire day on the right note? You have a choice. How will you handle a challenging situation? What can you carry out each day to learn from other leaders?


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Imagine you were driving a brand new car on a chilly winter season day. Everyday life is grand... until a rusted-out Suburban smashes into your back end. This particular occasion happened to me, and when I discovered that neither I nor the other driver was injured, I faced a choice; do I fly off the handle and scream at the young lady who made a decision to rear-end me, or do I stop and treat her just like a human being.

The younger lady was apologetic and mentioned that she had been ill as well as was on her method to take a makeup exam at the local college. I noticed her coat was unbuttoned and suggested she button her jacket as it was quite cold out. I was not happy, but I decided to respond in a good method!

The way your personality is exposed is actually not when situations are going your way; however when the unpredicted or unpleasant happens.

The option is yours! So, how would you manage a challenging situation?

Take a deep breath and calmly respond to the situation.

Start with a good happy attitude:

Exactly what is the very best way for you to start your entire day? Begin with a good mindset and wear a smile!

The actual way you respond, and how willing you are to share credit for achievements, significantly impacts the actual people you guide.

Is this how the great leaders in your life behave? Is this a mindset you could adopt? It could unlock tremendous potential!

What are 3 ways to improve your leadership skills?

1. Start your entire day on the correct note with a satisfying good mindset and a smile.

2. When you have a difficult scenario take a deep breath and calmly respond to the situation. As Coach Bear Bryant said, "be prepared to take the warmth whenever things fail. When things go well, share the credit. When an individual or the group do well, give them the credit."


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3. Leaders read every day for 10 to 15 minutes understanding from other leaders to help them resolve their issues. Leaders are readers and students constantly evolving, changing, and addressing troubles and situations.