Facts You Should Keep in mind When Touring Norway

Find your way in this Nordic country and find its incredible natural beauty, exceptional Nordic practice, plus peaceful heaven all coated in snow. Visit Norway and find your daily schedule filled with meditative or action-filled activities which could help make any journey worthy of your money. Below are a few Norwegian things you should not neglect.


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 1.) Holmenkollen Ski Jump

 Based some 20 min from the heart of Oslo, Holmenkollen Ski Jump Tower has a live ski simulator which helps you to determine what it seems like to do a ski jump in Holmenkollen. Arm yourself with a pair of skis in addition to a lot of adrenalin for this breathtaking experience. You can also check out Holmenkollen ski museum and with some 470 meters of elevation as Holmenkollen Ski Tower will most likely offer you a clear view of Oslo and also the Norwegian fjords


2.) Bergen


Enter in Bergen and stumbled upon an area where people discover reasons to enjoy life as it comes about. Stroll across its fortresses and learn Bergen's historical past, or perhaps wander around areas like the Fish Market and find out how Bergen individuals live. Bergen is also a trader's city, and if you're into shopping, make sure you arm yourself with a few Krone plus plenty of haggling schemes.


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3.) Kristiansand Zoo


Located just 11 kilometers east of Kristiansand, you will discover a zoo set in by far the most captivating Norwegian environment. Known as the "The Living Park," Kristiansand Zoo provides a home for vulnerable wildlife and also a chance for travelers to observe these pets in the natural niche. With some 150 acres to cover up, it's not surprising people spend a day without realizing it in this wall-and-padlock-free sanctuary.


4.) Edvard Munch Museum


The most important repositories of Scandinavian art, Edvard Munch Museum is actually one location in the Norwegian soil that art enthusiasts should not miss. The museum contains some 1,100 artwork, 4,500 drawings, and 18,000 prints. Have a glimpse inside and complete your Munch Museum experience by visiting movie screening, concerts, tours plus lectures provided by the museum.


5.) Viking Ship Museum


Holding proofs of Norway's Viking history, Viking Ship Museum is the house of Viking vessels like Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune as well as finds from graves at Borre. Get a look into this enormous burial ships and also marvel at unique Viking treasures along with weaponry that comes right from the age of Viking, virtually all of it can be found in just ten minutes from the heart of Oslo. Memorabilia, postcards, books, accessories, and other memento merchandise are available from the museum shops as well.