Decide on a Shower Bath for a Flexible Washroom Solution

Are you refitting your bathroom and finding that you're lacking room for all the features you intend to include? In the event that you've already checked out slimline bathroom furniture as well as additional compact vanity units, considered a corner WC, and also reduced a tiny corner shower - perhaps it's time to take into consideration a shower bath.


The primary structure is simply a straight, attached bathtub with a shower set up at the faucet end. They're pretty simple, and if you don't need a lot of showering room, or even prefer to bathe instead of shower, then one of these might be a sensible choice. However, there's a lot more to shower baths than this standard design.



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The 'space saver' layout is much like a straight shower bath but is actually slightly tapered away at the foot to save you some floor space while not restricting the breadth of your shower area. L- and P-shaped designs take this point further, simply by extending by 10-15cm the actual size of your own shower region, while maintaining a standard bathtub width the rest of the way down in an effort to reduce the space the bath requires.


As their names suggest, L- and P-shaped baths are square-edged as well as rounded edged respectively: they offer a similar amount of additional elbow space for showering, on the other hand, so the distinction in shape is a style point for you to think about, as opposed to a size-critical concern. Bath panels are usually widely available for either design so that your bath can be synchronized together with your washroom furniture, or even your floor or wall coverings, in the event you so pick.



At last, the walk-in shower bath gives a handily sized solution for seniors or maybe mobility-impaired householders who still find it a struggle to get in and out of a standard bathroom. These come with a doorway mid-way down the actual length of the bathtub so that the user can open it and simply walk through. Watertight to prevent the egress of water during bathing and also showering, these shower baths will be the ideal solution for accessible bathing and also showering in the home.


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Almost all shower baths (including walk-in varieties) are actually available in both left as well as right-handed designs. This simply means that consumers will be able to opt for the actual design of the bathtub they prefer, and then choose which end of the bathtub they require the shower to be. Escalating versatility in sanitaryware and also washroom furniture layouts can only be a good thing for us all, as washrooms can vary so widely in shape as well as layout.