Will You CREATE A Better Self?

Although many people claim, they seek to become the best, happiest, most personally - fulfilled individuals, very few seem to be, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to proactively, CREATE a better self! If you don't try to help, yourself, it is doubtful, others will! It is, often, important to prioritize, self-help, and become the best, you can possibly, become! Are you willing to objectively, introspectively, perform a check-up, from the neck - up, to, truly, know and understand yourself, what your personal priorities and perspectives are, and why, you believe, and perceive, as you do? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.


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1. Character; care; considerations; challenges; conceive: Will you seek to identify your true, quality of character, and, do you think, you will be happy/ pleased, with what you discover? How much do you, really, care, about your life and existence, and personal fulfillment? Will you have the endurance, persistence, and commitment, to look at multiple considerations? When you face obstacles, do you perceive obstacles or problems? Only when you, perceive and conceive of obstacles, as challenges, to overcome, will you maximize your chances, of creating, lemonade from lemons!

2. Relevant; realistic; rational; reasoning/ rationale: Don't ignore relevant considerations, if you want to be, the best, you can be! Proceed, in a positive, but, realistic manner, and be rational, in your considerations, and evaluations! Proactively, thoroughly, consider the quality of your reasoning, and the reasons for your personal rationale!

3. Excellence; endurance: Never permit yourself, to accept, or be satisfied, with good - enough, and/ or, the same - old, same - old! Rather, demand your utmost degree of personal excellence, consistently! Stick - to - this process, because, personal fulfillment, often requires, a significant amount of endurance, and persistence!

4. Attitude; aptitude; attention; actions: It's each of our personal decisions, whether, we will proceed, consistently, with a true, positive, can-do, attitude, and developing the most relevant, well - developed, aptitude, and skill - set! When we pay attention to how we proceed, the quality and level of our personal actions should propel us, forward, in a meaningful way!

5. Time-tested; timely; trends; tastes; tendencies: Are your personal tendencies, and tastes, aligned with current, relevant trends, in a well-considered, timely manner, which aligns with time-tested expertise, approaches, knowledge, understanding, and, hopefully, wisdom?

6. Enjoyment; enrich; effects; efforts: Why do you, look and enjoy, what you do? Have you ever examined and considered, what provides you, with personal enjoyment? How might you, personally, enrich your existence? Will you consider, thoroughly, the impacts and effects, of your personal efforts?


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How committed are you, to be the best, you might become? What are you willing to do, to CREATE a better self?