Effective Steps to Becoming a Leader

To become a leader is hard in itself. Hence, becoming a good leader is a hurdling task. Aside from meeting up that qualification, there are other factors that must be considered to achieve effective results when leading a team.


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Primary Leadership Process

Determining the qualities which would make an effective leader is your initial step towards creating a harmonious working environment among your team.

A powerful leader is one that is able to analyze the situation on hand. Excellent leaders know when their leadership is necessary and whenever it is not. If not, then no matter how much a person attempt to lead your group, then all efforts would not really pay back.

Methods Towards Better Leadership

Listed below are helpful tips that would enable you to recognize the situation your group is in:

1. Comprehend your group in general. When you have group members who resist your efforts to lead the entire group, this could drag your degree of effectiveness down. However, if you have group members that support you, then you might be able to overcome this level of resistance hurdle that is keeping you from moving forward.

2. A good leader is certainly one who recognizes the individual needs of your member. Is anything stopping a member from contributing to the group? Figure out how to openly discuss these issues with your members to assess not only how much they can contribute to the team, but also their understanding of the actual situation.

3. During discussions with your group members, get them to open up on issues that are crucial to them. Do they feel overlooked? Do they require some changes in the dynamics of the group? Utilize this as a venue to talk about matters that would help increase your productivity as a whole.

4. Produce practical goals. You can arrive at this by clearly discussing every part of your targets and objectives with the team. As you work towards your goal, never try to meddle excessive with their work and trust them to perform nicely on it. After all, they will call your attention should they need your guidance on some matters.

5. Appreciate your team's efforts. In case you have managed to realize your goals, reward them through words of appreciation and recognition. This will motivate them to do much better with the next task.

How Does One Become A Highly Effective Leader?

Unlike common misconceptions, a leader is not someone who is perfect or somebody who understands every little thing. One important thing is common to all effective leaders: passion towards their goal and ability to adapt.

As a leader, you should evaluate your own skills and capabilities. What are your weaknesses and strengths? Identifying them will enable you to make the necessary changes that will assist your development as an individual and as a leader.

The process of becoming a leader is equal to efforts of developing a holistic person. When a person give valuable feedback to your group members, do take note of their feedback on your overall performance as well. That way, this is a symbiotic operating relationship.


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There has to be an integration of strategies to becoming a leader and the proper attitude that will enable you to reach maximum efficiency.