Choosing The Best Bathroom Fixtures

Just like any goods you acquire for your home you will find an array of choice: option in types and also, of course, in quality. And the washroom items and also fittings that you select are generally no different. You will discover myriad websites marketing a variety of merchandise; lots of purporting to be just just like high-end designer goods for less money. Some of them really will be the exact same high-end designer label things for less money! Then there are DIY shops marketing reasonably low-priced goods but they lack any true style flair right through to the designer restroom showrooms where both good quality plus style and design are usually available, albeit for a substantial value.


Design a bathroom that reflects your style. Aquant provides a range of bathroom fittings which will help you design a bathroom that will be your pride and neighbors envy. Their offerings include shower panels, washbasins, faucets and more. Best of all Aquant’s customers have reviewed it positively in a consistent manner. For details, you can visit their website and check out Aquant Reviews.



With all this choice it is not necessarily unexpected that a lot of of us battle to come to a decision, specially when particular low-cost products, on the face of it, seem considerably similar to various other, higher priced objects. Is pricey necessarily better, we may ponder, although on the other hand, will the low cost merchandise stand up the test of time? Were they created in high-tech factories with firm excellent control or created in a dating manufacturing facility with minimal quality control? And how could you tell just by checking out an item?


Aquant India offers a wide range of washbasins, sanitary wares, and bathroom fittings. Aquant India’s products are designed to please your eyes while being functional at the same time. Visit Aquant India’s website to know more about how to create your dream bathroom.

Well, here are some tips to help you develop a opinion for yourself and not just depend on the website, brochure or salesman


Compare Weights


High-quality ceramics are actually weightier than lower quality products (and naturally, check that it is ceramic) so assess the weight of very similar basins and WCs.


Check Your Whites


First of all, always purchase a basin as well as WC from the identical producer as various manufacturers, possess various color whites (contrary to popular belief)and the purer the white the more effective the quality. Should you be also getting bright white tiles, particularly those fabulous, high gloss white porcelain floor tiles then check out the sanitary ware white is the same as the tile white.


Invest in Faucets along with Shower valves


If you are aiming to lessen your budget there is certainly one area that is not truly worth slicing corners and that is on your faucets along with shower valves. They take a lot of pounding within an average restroom so ensure that you choose the best level of quality to suit your budget. Don't be seduced by cheap bargains; they may start looking just as good on the outside but it is the inner operating parts that can cause problems on the less expensive variations.


Flooring plus Wall Tiles Matter


One more area where top quality makes a difference will be when it comes to the wall and also floor tiles, and it is not necessarily just the tiles but also the level of quality of the products used to install them. The adhesive should really be good for the weight of the floor tiles in addition to the substrate onto which they are being mounted; along with the grout, it goes without saying, has to be water-resistant in the shower region along with for the floor tiles. Whilst porcelain tiles are generally still a good option for those within a strict budget, ceramic tiles are much more durable as well as will probably look far better for longer.


Aquant is one of the leading sanitary ware suppliers in India. From Bathroom rails to concealed multi-function showers they provide it all. Each item passes through an intensive quality check and comes with 10 years guarantee. Explore our website to know in detail about our offerings.

Confusingly floor tiles are actually not always clearly labeled so double-check if they are ceramic or porcelain floor tiles before deciding which ones to purchase.