Exactly What Are Shower Panels?

Shower Panels certainly are a unique creation that has been recently introduced in the plumbing field. These are generally fixtures placed on the wall that can be used to replace normal showers; nonetheless, they can consist of a lot more characteristics, rather then having only a shower-head.

Shower Panels are generally a single part which contains most of the facilities. They can range in dimensions from 43 to 65 inches high, however some companies have launched units that happen to be almost 6 ft. The widths are generally between 6 to a little bit over 16 inches. Shower Panels are actually space savers, nonetheless they offer some of the similar characteristics that can be found in custom-designed showers. These units could possibly be the very best alternative for the homeowner with a restricted spending budget, who want to benefit from the exact same amenities and features of high-end shower rooms. They may also be used where space can be at a premium, to enjoy custom-made shower characteristics, just like in rental units or university or college dorms.


Shower panels are still thought of as a high end product and have not yet seen complete widespread adoption. The number of manufacturers, although very slowly improving, is still limited to a few specialized businesses. Swapping existing showerheads with Shower panels could be a very simple process. Extensive plumbing related changes are usually not often wanted, and setting up could be as easy as changing your present shower. If you do not yet have a shower installed, it could be best to seek the advice of an expert, or maybe search for some tips from skilled local plumbers, as each panel is different and installing could be different for every product.

These panels are much more than a shower-head and a handle. They blend extraordinary technical innovations in capabilities for you to make the shower experience more fulfilling. One of the most common attributes appears to be the inclusion of up to 8 body spray units, that can simultaneously caress your entire body with water channels. They are also readily available in a wide choice of finishes and colors which can be appropriate for almost every decor.

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Considering that there are many water streams included, one of the more essential considerations for the proper functioning of shower panels is having enough h2o pressure. If your unit has a minimum of three outlets, a minimum pressure of at least 50 psi is required, or a water pump motor may be required. Your water lines and drainage systems ought to be equipped to handle the improved flow of water. Minimum recommended supply lines needs to be no less than 3/4-inch diameter, while drainage outlets ought to be a minimum of 2 inches in size.


Installation of the panels is commonly simple and might be dealt with as a Do It Yourself undertaking. The units are delivered with no assembly required, and only standard relationships are required after attaching them to correct to wall areas. As a result of functionality, as well as the added simplicity of use and the involvement of enhanced convenience, and the attraction of high-class at very affordable rates, the use of these panels could be anticipated to increase, and lower prices could be expected in the future. As the market enlarges, the number of suppliers can even be anticipated to raise.

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Shower panels really are a new creation in bathroom technology. The options and features a part of these kinds of shower panels allow the user to enjoy traditional facilities, despite the fact that available space may be reduced.