Why Is Train The Trainer Training Important?

Train the trainer workshop or TTT as it is commonly called is a workshop with basic training skills for aspiring trainers. Many organizations send their staff for these workshops for two main reasons.

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 Firstly employees accept an inside trainer more readily as compared to an external one. And secondly, it works out very cheap for an organization to have an internal resource, especially when large scale technical changes are being made.Train the trainer workshop or TTT as it is commonly called is a workshop with basic training skills for aspiring trainers.

Most TTT workshopsare of 3-5 days duration, but some of them are split into few sessions of 1-2 days spread during a period of a month. This helps in optimum learning as the in-between time allows participants to take in and implement the learning right away and understand it's effectiveness.

The dream begins with an instructor who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth." - Dan Rather

Teachers as primary Role Models do experience stress

Teachers and mentors are the special few who pursue their careers in showing us the best way to survive and succeed by enrichining our basic life-skills. Most of the teachers and counselors that individuals encounter in our lives, have exceptional and extraordinary successes in their life. However, it is to be discovered that teachers are also prone to burnouts as a result of immense pressures they come across - whether it is in their social life or at home. Stress along with other factors can often bury these unique talents by triggering an emotional meltdown.

Teachers do suffer from anxiety and there are numerous reasons which do contribute to it. Key issues include:

1. Their shifting roles inside the educational sector and
2. Their frustration in coping with the constantly changing responsibilities.

As a constant source of educational, spiritual and emotional inspiration towards the community, as being a teacher is in itself an overwhelming task that demands immense patience and integrity.

Motivating the motivator

Very much like anyone else, a trainer also needs constant motivation to sustain and perform consistently well. They can reconstruct their value system and maintain for themselves a location within the society without missing out in the process.
While using right training techniques

An instructor usually stays happy and balanced in life by preparing well ahead of time. They need to remember to rekindle and effectively use their intuition so as to stay focused in all the tough conditions of life. This will likely result in inner peace as well as a calm mind. This will help in positively aligning ones thoughts with the training plan. It will help one accomplish the daily objectives and longer term objectives in a broader perspective.

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Give your intuition direct you. Rely upon your inner wisdom. Be disciplined and cultivate a strong will power. Get less anxious and frustrated with the testing times in your life by adapting to the methods that suit.

It is very necessary for an instructor to endure correct training in order to maintain your positive momentum going